Thursday, December 4, 2008

Traffic stop bailout leads to arrest

At about 2129 hours on 12-03-08, OFC Shannon Stream made a traffic stop on a car for failing to stop at a stop sign. The car pulled into a parking space in the 1700 block of Carriage Way in Amber Meadows. As soon as the car stopped, the male driver ran away from the car, through Amber Meadows Park. OFC Stream noticed a male toddler in the rear safety seat of the car. OFC Stream gave a description of the driver over the police radio to other officers in the area.

Police were able to contact the child’s mother (Jamie Lynn Oden) by phone. She came to the stop location to take the child. Other officers checked an address in Amber Meadows for the suspect. Officers located the suspect, identified as Travis Shamone Bowins, in the backyard of the residence. OFC Stream made a positive identification. Bowins was arrested and charged with the offenses listed below. Oden was also arrested for obstructing the investigation.

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