Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Series at the Weinberg

Movie Series at the Weinberg

January and February

Show Listings and Times

Relax after the busy holiday schedule and join the Weinberg Center for their exciting Movie Series featuring some of the most loved and classic films. From Francis Ford Coppola’s must-see masterpiece The Godfather, to the popular Family Cartoon Festival there is a selection of movies sure to please everyone! Tickets are only $6 for adults and $4 for seniors and students. There’s no better way to spend a cold winter day than a day at the movies in the historic Weinberg theatre.

Cartoon Festival

Saturday, January 9 – 10:30 a.m.

If you loved cartoons as a kid, are a kid at heart or want to bring some kids, the Weinberg’s Family Cartoon Fest is a great chance to see some of the most loved cartoon characters and all their friends on the Big Screen.

Back by popular demand, the Family Cartoon Festival continues its established tradition of bringing you the finest of the famous and not-so-famous animated shorts in a day filled with fun and humor.

As so many of our familiar cartoons have been reformatted for television, few people have ever seen them in their original form. This is your opportunity to see these 'toons unedited and on the big screen - as they were meant to be seen.

The Weinberg’s Cartoon Festival isn't just for kids, but also appeals to aficionados of the art form. Much more than just light entertainment, these classic cartoons represent the work of talented artists who took animation to new heights during the 1930's through the 1960's with some of the finest and best-loved cartoons ever produced. This is a very special presentation that the whole family won't want to miss.

Shane (1953)

Saturday, January 9 – 8:00 p.m.

Take a ride into the Wild West with cowboy Shane (Alan Ladd) in this enduring Oscar-winning Western. Often hailed as one of the greatest Westerns of all time, this film combines adventure, friendship, danger and romance in a classic battle of good versus evil. Shane, a quiet gunslinger who has drifted into an isolated western valley soon finds himself drawn into conflict between a simple homesteader Joe Starrett and a powerful cattle baron Rufu Ryker, who wants to force the homesteaders off the land. Whether you’ve seen the film before or whether it’s your first time, you are sure to enjoy watching the action unfold on the big screen.

Funny Face (1957)

Sunday, January 24 – 2:00 p.m.

Starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in Hepburn’s first musical, this filmed version of the 1927 Broadway musical, Funny Face, is filled with color, fashion, music, dance and comedy. Fashion photographer Dick Avery (Astaire) is sent out by his female boss Maggie Prescott (Kay Thompson) to find a "new face". It doesn't take Dick long to discover Jo (Hepburn), a Greenwich Village bookstore clerk. Dick whisks the wide-eyed girl off to Paris and transforms her into the fashion world's hottest model, falling in love along the way. But will the romance between Jo and Dick survive the photo shoot? Will Jo be a part of the extravagant Paris fashion show? You'll just have to watch this charming film to find out!

Godfather I (1972)

Saturday, February 6 – 2:00 p.m.

Godfather II (1974)

Saturday, February 6 – 8:00 p.m.

There’s nothing like seeing Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, The Godfather on the big screen. As one of the very best movies to ever come out of Hollywood, the 1972 film The Godfather looks at a Mafia family, the Corleone’s, in the 1940s and 1950s. The movie won Oscars for Best Picture, best actor (Marlon Brando), Best Screenplay and has become one of the most popular and influential movies of all time. Join us for The Godfather I at 2:00 p.m. and more of the Corleone crime family in the sequel, The Godfather II at 8:00 p.m. Don’t miss your chance to experience these thrilling movies with an all-new level of intensity and passion on the big screen.

Moonstruck (1987)

Sunday, February 14 – 2:00 p.m.

Spend your Valentine’s Day under the delightful spell of a classic love film, Moonstruck, starting Cher and Nicholas Cage. This mesmerizing romantic comedy is a story of a widowed Brooklyn book-keeper, Loretta (Cher), who is torn between her finance, Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello) and his younger brother Ronny. With her wedding just weeks away, Loretta discovers the startling contrast between her pleasant, mild tempered fiancĂ©, Johnny, and his passionate brother Ronny. Add Loretta’s equally passionate family and you get an unforgettable film that is sure to be a perfect Valentines treat.

African Queen (1952)

Sunday, February 28 – 2:00 p.m.

This classic starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn will take you on a ride down through the dangerous and tense waters of World War I in Africa. When Bogart, a riverboat captain in Africa provides passage for a Christian missionary spinster (Hepburn), the rough waters, encounters with German soldiers and quarrels they endure develop into a hard earned love for each other. Part adventure, part quest, this classic tale of romance, adventure, love and human character is one that never gets old

To purchase tickets, call the Weinberg Center for the Arts at 301-600-2828 or online at

The Weinberg Center for the Arts, a municipal facility of the City of Frederick, is located at 20 West Patrick Street in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The historic theatre opened in 1926 as the Tivoli, and was donated to the City of Frederick in 1978. Today as one of the region’s premier presenting facilities, the 1,200 seat Weinberg Center offers professional LIVE! Series, including dance, music, theatre, family performances and films, weekday performances for students, and classic movies. Performance space and professional services are available to a variety of community arts groups, civic and business organizations, and other arts promoters. Programming at the Weinberg Center for the Arts is made possible with support from the City of Frederick, Frederick County Government, Maryland State Arts Council, Frederick Arts Council, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, The Frederick News-Post, Bank of America Foundation, The Plamondon Companies and other corporate and individual donors. For more information about upcoming events at the Weinberg Center, please call the Box Office at 301-600-2828 or visit

Monday, December 28, 2009

Airplane Theft

On 12/28/2009, at 2:14 am, the Frederick Police Department was notified that a small single engine Piper Super Cub airplane had crashed on the runway of the Frederick Airport. When officers arrived on scene, they were informed by a Frederick City employee/witness that a white male, approximately 50-60 years of age, was operating the aircraft on the runway when he lost control and crashed into the grass area adjacent to one of the runways. The male operating the aircraft then ran from the area. Officers from the Frederick Police Department, Maryland Sate Police and the Frederick County Sheriff’s office began a joint investigation into the crash and location of the male operating the aircraft.

Deputy First Class Ruppenthal and his K9 partner Bayco began a K-9 track in the area and with the assistance of the Maryland State Police helicopter, Trooper 3, located a man in the woods near the airport. The man matched the description of the pilot and was detained for questioning.

Further investigation revealed that the plane was removed from a nearby hanger on the airport property without authorization of the owner. The Frederick Police Department is currently processing the scene and the plane for additional evidence.

This case is ongoing, and there will be additional information released in a follow-up press release

This investigation is also being coordinated with the FBI, FAA, and Frederick City Airport Management.

The Frederick Police Department has charged one individual (Cox, Calvin Craig) with multiple criminal charges relating to the theft of an airplane from the Frederick Municipal Airport. Calvin Craig Cox W/M 07/20/58 of No fixed Address was apprehended in the woods near the Frederick Airport. Cox was transported to Frederick Adult Detention Center where he is awaiting an appearance before the District Court Commissioner.

No clear motive has been established but we believe his intention was to leave the Frederick area. During the investigation we have learned that Mr. Cox is familiar with airplanes and their operation. Mr. Cox did not suffer any injuries during the commission of the crime. The plane had apparent damage to the fuselage and propeller.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Traffic Accident

At approximately 0810 a.m., 12/26/09, officers of the Frederick Police Department responded to a reported traffic accident in the parking lot of Frederick Memorial Hospital at 400 W. 7th St. Upon their arrival, Officers Sean Carpenter and Lauren Sinay observed a 2004 Chevy pickup that showed obvious signs that it had collided with two other parked vehicles in the lot. They also encountered a 60 year old male seated in the driver’s position. The driver, who appeared to be intoxicated, also demonstrated an active attempt to commit suicide immediately prior to the arrival of police. The driver was taken into custody and admitted to Frederick Memorial Hospital under a petition for emergency evaluation. Charges against the driver for the collision, DWI and disorderly conduct are pending.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Frederick Memorial Hospital Robbery Update


On 12/14/09 a Frederick Police officer responded to Frederick Memorial Hospital to take a report of an armed robbery. The victim was receiving treatment for a minor injury incurred during the robbery. The victim reported he was approached by two males while standing on a sidewalk in the 1400 block of Taney Avenue waiting for a ride. One of the males displayed a handgun and demanded money. When the victim tried to run away, the other male seized him by his clothing and struck the victim from behind with a blunt object. After the robbery, the males ran toward 7th Street.

The suspect with the gun was described as a black male with a light complexion and numerous acne scars, 6-03, 18-20 yoa, wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt, jeans and white sneakers. The second suspect was described as a black male with a dark complexion, 6-01, 18-20 yoa, wearing a black and white checkered hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and red and black Nike Air Force Jordan tennis shoes.


Detective Michael Morgan of the Criminal Investigation Division was able to identify a possible suspect in the armed robbery listed above. He provided a description of the suspect to members of the agency’s Directed Patrol Unit in an effort to locate the individual. On 12/17/09 at approximately 7:30pm, DPU officers observed this man in a stairwell of an apartment building in the 1400 block of Taney Ave. The subject, identified as Timothy Nolan Fluker, age 18, was found to be in possession of several bags of suspected marijuana and was arrested.

Following Fluker’s arrest, Det. Morgan was able to confirm his involvement in the armed robbery that occurred on 12/14/09. Det. Morgan obtained an arrest warrant for Fluker’s arrest for charges of armed robbery, robbery, 1st degree assault, 2nd degree assault, theft less than $1,000 and conspiracy to commit each of these offenses. On 12/21/09 Fluker was served with the arrest warrant at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center. He is currently being held without bond.

The identity of a second suspect in this case remains unknown. The investigation into this robbery and similar robberies in the area is continuing. Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Det. Michael Morgan at 301-600-1259. Information can also be provided via the Frederick Police Department Crime Tip Line at 301-600-TIPS or

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Local Businesses Join to Support Toys for Tots

In a spontaneous effort to raise the $10,000 needed to meet last years total donations to Toys for Tots, the Ceresville Mansion, McCoy Group & call on local businesses to help and in 48 hours, reach the goal, raising $10,015. Special thanks to Kate Moreland of Ceresville Mansion and Joanne McCoy of McCoy Media Group, who initiated this effort after reading the news this week of the shortage.

To view a list of local businesses that have donated, visit The Ceresville Mansion FaceBook page

Learn more about this last minute community effort by reading the FNP article. (link below):

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Angels, Alligators and Crocodiles

Last time we met I talked to you about using meditation to relieve stress. Another very important way of dealing with stress is exercising. I didn’t talk about that and just so you know, I’m not going there. Every magazine, in fact, every where I look, there’s another article on running, jogging, working out – exercising until we drop. While I truly believe in the importance and value of exercising, I’m going to leave that to others because they seem to be doing a great job. Of all the stress relieving activities, I personally prefer walking. It’s easy on the body and if you’re lucky enough to be able to walk where you are surrounded by nature, then it’s soothing as well. However, to my way of thinking, if you don’t solve or eliminate some of the problems, meaning stress causes, you’re never going to get there. You are just going to stress, exercise, stress, exercise.

Let me help you identify, lessen or eliminate your stress so that you can better listen and connect with your inner voice. When you can relax and hear your inner voice, you will begin to enjoy life more fully. You will hear and be where you are meant to be in this life.

Your body has a system that sends you alerts when stress levels rise. And, your Angels are always at your side helping you beware of things that stress you out. What I want to talk about now is people who cause you stress.

Certain people are major contributors to your stress. I call them alligators and crocodiles. There are a lot of similarities between the two legged and the four legged gators. Let me introduce you to both. The four-legged alligators are long, green, lizards usually found in swamps. They go after small prey - rabbits, chickens, etc. These lizards have a very threatening appearance. Did I mention their teeth? Usually not aggressive towards humans but none the less, those teeth strike a note of fear in all of us. Crocodiles are a bigger more threatening gator. They go after larger prey, fearlessly. They are aggressive and go after goats, deer, cows and sometimes people. Both alligators and crocodiles use those teeth to latch on to their prey, drag them into the water but the killer is this. They twist and twist until they drown their victim. Then they just let their victim marinate a few days in the mud before they actually devour it.

Does any of this sound familiar? Ever feel like certain people just drag you down? Long after they have left your company, do you still feel wounded? Do certain people always make you feel bad about yourself, question yourself or in general make you feel uncomfortable? Well, guess what. Those are the two legged gators and some are quite vicious (crocodiles). They are a major contributing source to your stress.

Look around you. Who do you know? Who came to mind when I described the four legged critters. Who are the people in your life that have sharp teeth that bite into you but it doesn’t stop there. They twist and twist until you think you’re going to drown. Their remarks linger long after they are gone. Identification is your first step to lessening the stress caused by these people. Who are they? Where are they? Don’t just look around you at work, look at home, look at your family, yes even in your circle of friends.

Second step is to minimize your exposure to these people. They will sap all your energy and push all your stress buttons. They not only do immediate damage but they do long term damage as well. Sort of like that marinate in the mud thing. Be resourceful, get creative, and find ways to avoid these people whenever possible. Can’t avoid? Minimize the time you spend with or around them.

Now here’s a thought. You could move, leave no forwarding address, and get an unpublished phone number. You would have to give up your cell phone because they can track you anywhere with that technology. Of course, this usually is not possible, nobody wants to move and I don’t know anyone who is going to give up their cell phone. Besides, I am convinced the gators only follow you.

Third and most important step is to learn to tune them out. The power to focus, tune out and let go of negativity are real, strong reasons as to why meditate. Tuning out negative people and their attitudes will keep you focused at work, at home or at play. Meditation will give you that power to tune out. It will also enable you to let go of the stress these people cause you. Best advice is identify the negative people in your life, avoid and/or minimize exposure to these people and learn the relaxation techniques of meditation.

Whether you are experienced or beginning meditation, my Studio provides you the guidance and solitude you need. Hope to see you here soon.

Intuitively speaking,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Speed Cameras

The City of Frederick is progressing in its evaluation of school zones where speed cameras may be effectively used to reduce incidences of speeding and enhance the safety of students and others. Residents are being asked to provide input as to possible locations for speed cameras within school zones in the City of Frederick. Input may be provided to the project manager, Lt. Steve Tuel of the Frederick Police Department, at or by phone at 301-600-2715.

The City has also placed information about the speed camera project on its website, Click on the link entitled “Automated Enforcement.”

Armed Robbery at Frederick Memorial Hospital

On 12/14/09 a Frederick Police officer responded to Frederick Memorial Hospital to take a report of an armed robbery. The victim was receiving treatment for a minor injury incurred during the robbery. The victim reported he was approached by two males while standing on a sidewalk in the 1400 block of Taney Avenue waiting for a ride. One of the males displayed a handgun and demanded money. When the victim tried to run away, the other male seized him by his clothing and struck the victim from behind with a blunt object. After the robbery, the males ran toward 7th Street.

The suspect with the gun was described as a black male with a light complexion and numerous acne scars, 6-03, 18-20 yoa, wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt, jeans and white sneakers. The second suspect was described as a black male with a dark complexion, 6-01, 18-20 yoa, wearing a black and white checkered hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and red and black Nike Air Force Jordan tennis shoes.

The Criminal Investigation Division is investigating. No further information is available at this time. Anyone who has information is encouraged to contact the Frederick Police Department at 301-600-2102. Anonymous contact may be made at

Monday, December 14, 2009

Armed Robbery at Deals

On 12/14/2009 at about 4:42 PM, Frederick Police officers responded to an armed robbery which had just occurred at Deals grocery at 1080 W Patrick St. According to witnesses, a thin black male about 5-10 with a dark complexion, a goatee and a pitted face, wearing a dark blue coat over a black hoody displayed a handgun and demanded money from a store clerk. Once the clerk complied, the suspect left the scene on foot. It is not known at this time whether this incident is related to an armed robbery at Deals on 12/11/09. The Criminal Investigation Division is investigating. No further information is available at this time, but follow up press releases will be made as the investigation develops.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the Frederick Police Department at 301-600-2102 or anonymously at 301-600-TIPS(8477) or

Armed Robbery

On 12/13/09 at about 6:42 PM Frederick Police officers responded to an armed robbery which had just occurred in the 1300 block of Taney Ave. The victim reported a male approached him, displayed a handgun, and demanded money. After the victim complied, the suspect left the area on foot. During a canvass of the area, a second armed robbery victim was found, also in the 1300 block of Taney Ave, who provided the same suspect description as follows: Black male, light to medium complexion, 5-07 and thin build, wearing a white jacket over a dark hoody, blue jeans and white sneakers. There is no further suspect identification at this time. Follow up press releases will be issued as more information develops. Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact the Frederick Police Department at (301) 600-2100 or Detective Morgan at (301) 600-1259. Anonymous tips can be sent to

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shooting Investigation

On 12/12/09 at approximately 1:30 am, officers responded to 1003 Columbine Drive, Sunset Walk Apartments, for a report of an assault. Preliminary information revealed multiple subjects entered an apartment at the complex and confronted the residents inside. During this confrontation, a female resident was assaulted by a female suspect. A male also brandished a handgun during the incident.

As they were leaving the scene, the suspects confronted two females in the parking lot, one of whom was the sister of the first victim. During this confrontation, the suspect with the gun reportedly pointed it at the sister as the female suspect fought both girls. The two females were able to get away from the suspects and fled. While leaving the scene, the victims reported hearing a gunshot.

As officers began arriving at the scene of the original incident, police received a report of a shooting victim at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Officers were able to determine the victim at the hospital had been shot in his wrist at Sunset Walk Apartments. Further investigation revealed the male victim had been with the other female victims earlier in the evening and the incidents all appear to be related.

During a canvass of the area, officers located two males inside a vehicle in the apartment complex. The males were identified as Michael Nimely Johnson and his brother Malcolm Nimely Johnson. Both Johnson brothers were identified as being inside the apartment during the first incident and at the scene of the second altercation. They were taken into custody and transported to police headquarters.

Detectives were able to identify the female suspect as Amanda Christine Harris. She was taken into custody at her residence. Harris, Michael Johnson and Malcolm Johnson are currently at Central Booking being charged with offenses relating to the first two incidents. The charges for the suspects will be listed in a follow up press release. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division are continuing to investigate the shooting and additional charges could be forthcoming.

The victim of the shooting is being treated at Frederick Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. No additional information is being released at this time.

Sgt. Jason Keckler

Supervisor, Criminal Investigation Division

Frederick Police Department

100 West Patrick Street

Frederick, Maryland 21701

(Desk) 301-600-1231

(Fax) 301-600-3321

Friday, December 11, 2009

Armed Robbery at the DEALS store

On tonight’s date, 12-11-09, at approximately 1808 hours, members of the Frederick Police Department responded to an Armed Robbery at the DEALS store located at 1080 W. Patrick St. ( Vista Shops at Golden Mile ). One of the cashiers advised that a male had entered the store and displayed a gun and demanded money. After the cashier complied, the suspect fled the store. He was more specifically described as a black male approximately 5-5 tall, thin build, wearing a gold quilted coat with a brown hood pulled over his head. At this point, the Robbery is still under investigation and no suspects have been located. The Department’s Criminal Investigations Division and Crime Scene Unit responded to the area, as did a MD State Police bloodhound to assist. No further details are available at this time.

Anyone with information are requested to contact the Frederick Police Department at 301-600-2102 or if they desire to remain anonymous, they can call 301-600-TIPS (8477) or Email the Department at

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maryland's Largest Solar Power Farm to be Housed at Mount St. Mary's University

Emmitsburg, MD – Mount St. Mary’s University announces a partnership with Constellation Energy Group to create and house one of the nation’s largest solar photovoltaic power farms.

This project is part of the state-wide initiative, Generating Clean Horizons, to use clean, renewable resources to supply power to Maryland universities and many state-run offices.

“This unique partnership with Constellation Energy strengthens Mount St. Mary’s University’s commitment to Maryland and to the promotion and creation of clean energy. It continues the ‘greening’ of the Mount,” says Thomas H. Powell, Mount St. Mary’s University president. “Our students will be on the forefront of responsible land use and creation of renewable energy resources. Frederick County will benefit not only from our generation of clean energy but also from the reduction of dependence on more traditional use of coal, natural gas and fossil fuels."

This power system is expected to be completed by December 2012 and create 15.9 megawatts of power with 1.2 megawatts being supplied back to the Mount.

"Constellation Energy is pleased to be partnering with the state of Maryland and Mount St. Mary’s University on the Generating Clean Horizons initiative to develop new sources of clean power and stimulate the economy through the growth of the clean energy sector," said Mayo A. Shattuck III, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Constellation Energy. "This large-scale solar facility will make a significant contribution to our shared goal of a cleaner energy future."

The Mount is dedicating 100 of its 1,400 campus acres to this initiative.

Jeff Simmons, Mount environmental studies professor says “this agreement, advances the Mount several steps closer toward its goal of a sustainable university. Converting sunlight energy into electricity is one of the cleanest and environmentally benign methods for producing electricity on a large scale. Plus, having the solar panels right here on campus will provide extraordinary learning opportunities for our students.”

Mount St. Mary's University, founded in 1808, presently serves as a pilot school model in the nation’s American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment and the Clinton Climate Initiative.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Driving

The Frederick Police Department would like to announce they are joining with other federal, state and local highway safety and law enforcement officials across the nation to remind those who plan on using alcohol during the holidays to act responsibly by designating sober drivers before parties begin. The Frederick Police Department and their partners will have saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints starting in the beginning of December, 2009 and continuing through the New Year Holiday in an effort to prevent and reduce traffic accidents. We also will support any DUI Check Points conducted by the Frederick County Highway Safety Task Force under Checkpoint Strike force.

Kim C. Dine, Chief of Police, Frederick Police Department said, “Our officers will be out there saving lives and reducing traffic accidents by enforcing traffic safety laws. Our proactive approach includes efforts at educating the public and apprising our citizens ahead of time to improve voluntary compliance. Enlightened communication with our citizens is one of the best ways to improve safety and the quality of life in our City. We want our citizens to know we will be out there protecting them and saving lives."

Whether you are just meeting a few friends at the corner pub or attending a family get-together, if you plan on using alcohol, do not drive – and never let your friends or family members drive if you think they are impaired.

Designating a sober driver and not letting friends or family drive while impaired are just two of several simple steps to help avoid a tragic crash or an arrest for impaired driving. Other tips include:

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol too fast.
  • Pace yourself—eat enough food, take breaks and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Designate a sober driver before the party and give that person your car keys.
  • If you don’t have a designated driver, ask a sober friend or family member for a ride home; call a cab, friend or family member to come and get you; or just stay where you are and sleep it off.
  • Never let a friend leave your sight if you think they are about to drive while impaired. Remember, Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.
  • Always buckle up – it’s still your best defense against other impaired drivers.
If you are hosting a Holiday dinner or New Year’s party:
  • Serve lots of food – particularly high-protein dishes;
  • Be sure to include lots of non-alcoholic beverages, desserts and coffee;
  • Be sure all of your guests designate their drivers in advance;
  • Help arrange ride-sharing with sober drivers; and
  • Keep the numbers for local cab companies handy, and take keys away from anyone who is thinking of driving while impaired.
Impaired driving is one of America’s deadliest problems. Overall in 2004, nearly 13,000 people died in highway crashes involving a driver or motorcycle operator with a BAC of .08 or higher. In Maryland during 2004, 286 people died due to crashes where impaired driving was a factor, representing more than 44 percent of all crash fatalities.

Driving impaired or riding with someone who is impaired is simply not worth the risk, not only do you risk killing yourself or someone else, but the trauma and financial costs of a crash or an arrest for driving while impaired can be really significant.

Don’t risk your freedom, your career, your license, or your life this Thanksgiving weekend. Designate your sober driver before the party begins.

For more information, please visit

Monday, December 7, 2009

Arrested: Evonnie Porte

On 12-06-09 at approximately 2346 hrs. Officers of the FPD Patrol Division responded to a reported stabbing at 90 Waverly Drive, Elmwood Terrace Apts. Upon arrival the victim was contacted in front of building “O”. He advised he had been stabbed by his wife during an argument. The wife was contacted at her apartment and taken into custody without incident. The object used in the incident was recovered as evidence. Charges are pending at this time. The victim was taken to Washington County Hospital. The injuries sustained in the incident were found to be non life threatening.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Officer was involved in a single vehicle accident

On today’s date, 12-04-09, at approximately 0230 hours, a Frederick Police Patrol Officer was involved in a single vehicle accident in the area of W. 7th St. and Trail Avenue. The officer was responding to a strong armed robbery call, and was responding in an emergency mode (Lights and Siren). The officer struck a parked vehicle in the area. The officer suffered injuries requiring transport via MSP Helicopter to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where he is still being treated for his injuries. The injuries are not life threatening. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. A Departmental Accident Reconstructionist is investigating the accident.

The officer has been identified as Ofc. Gregory Wayne Morton, assigned to the Patrol Division. He has been employed with the Frederick Police Department for a little more than a year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thefts from Vehicles

The Frederick Police Department’s Directed Patrol Unit has identified several small patterns of thefts from vehicles in the Frederick City area through crime analysis. The Carroll Park Manor subdivision, Willowdale Drive area, and Worman’s Mill subdivision are locations that have recently seen this type of criminal activity. We will be attempting to address these crimes through various techniques. Although this type of crime happens in most areas at some point, citizens are encouraged to take counter theft measures such as removing valuables from vehicles & locking vehicle doors. If it is not possible to remove valuables please take the time to conceal them by putting them in a location that renders them out of sight. We would also encourage parking under or around lighting if possible. We encourage citizens to be aware of strange people or vehicles that are acting suspiciously in their neighborhoods and to report them to the police at 301-600-2100. It is also very helpful, if it is possible to obtain a description of the persons or vehicles, to include a registration tag number, and pass that on to the police dispatcher.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Using Your Inner Voice

Meditate, Connect and Listen to Your Inner Voice

My name is Harriet and I’m an intuitive and a paranormal investigator. In my line of work I’m dealing with ghosts all year round. Most people just enjoy ghost and ghost stories around Halloween. I want to share some of my ghostly experiences with you and answer questions you may have about the paranormal. At the end of this article, you will see how to contact me. Please do so and share any questions you may have.

One of my specialties is helping people listen and connect to their inner voice, their spirit guides, angels or messengers. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of concentration and focusing not only on my part but on the part of the person I’m working with. Sometimes before we can actually begin a session, I have to help that person let go of stress. Believe me stress stops, alters, interrupts and interferes with communications with people of this earth and people not of this earth. How can you hear your inner voice when you ask for guidance if you are all stressed? You can pray but you’ll never hear the answers if you’ve blocked the communications. If you are a stress mess your body is doing all it can to deal with it and focus is lost.

Recently I had some test run and they had to insert an IV. A delightful, experienced nurse tried to insert the needle. I warned her that I had difficult veins. She tried once and sure enough, my vein said you’re not putting that needle in here. She tried again and after excruciating pain it was concluded that this vein wasn’t going to work either. The nurse said she was going to get a tech with a reputation for being able to, with very little effort, insert the needle in difficult veins. That charming lady picked the vein and had success on the first try. I thanked her for her expertise. She said she attributed her success to her ability to focus. I can tell you, I really appreciated her ability to focus.

In order to focus you have to rid your body of as much stress as possible. Your inability to focus can adversely affect your job. In some situations, your inability to focus can be dangerous i.e. behind the wheel of a car, operating machinery.

Meditation is an excellent method of releasing stress and improves the ability to focus. I teach meditation and I mediate every day. Sometimes I go where I can let someone else lead me into a relaxing state of meditation. It’s good for your mind, your soul and your body. It has healing power.

Meditation is for this new world we live in. In the beginning it will probably take you about an hour to get to that desired state of complete relaxation. After just a few times, it’ll take about 30 wonderful minutes – minutes you will come to treasure. With more practice, you will be able to achieve success in 10 minutes but I promise you, you’ll treasure the days when you can take 30 minutes to meditate. You will start finding those 30 minutes because you will experience the benefits. You can meditate in the privacy of your home, all by yourself. Doesn’t that sound good!

If you want to improve communications and your ability to focus, hear your inner voice, connect with your guides, hear God when he speaks, (God doesn’t shout) meditation will open the airwaves and provide a conduit. Your stress will melt away and clear a path that allows you to focus. You’ll accomplish more and feel more energized – more alive!

Speak soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Theft at Walmart

11-12-09 at approximately 1720 hrs. Officers of the Frederick Police Dept. Patrol Squad “D” responded to a theft in progress at the K-Mart on Rt. #40. OFC. Marvin Cox arrived on scene first and encountered 3 suspects leaving the store while attempting to remove price stickers from merchandise. The suspects fit the description provided by store security. OFC. Cox detained the suspects until additional units arrived on scene. A 4th suspect was located in the immediate area with the assistance of store security personnel. All 4 suspects were positively identified with the assistance of store security personnel and review of surveillance video from the incident. The suspects ranged in age from 14 to 17 years of age. All stolen merchandise was recovered. They were charged with Theft under $500 and Conspiracy to commit theft.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Arrest: BOWIE, Travis Ellsworth

At 3:15 P.M., an off-duty police officer notified the Frederick Police Department that he observed a subject he knew to be wanted by police in the area of Rose Hill Manor. FPD officers responded and located BOWIE, who fit the description called in by the off-duty officer. When the officers attempted to make contact with BOWIE, he fled on foot. A short chase ensued and BOWIE was caught and detained pending his positive identification. Once identified, BOWIE was arrested and being escorted to a police cruiser when he broke free and fled on foot a second time, jumping two fences in the process. He was captured again and a brief struggle ensued as BOWIE resisted arrest. He was brought under control and transported to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center for processing. It is noteworthy that BOWIE is listed as one of “Frederick’s Most Wanted” on the City of Frederick webpage.

Chasing the Refi . . .

So you keep hearing that interest rates are low. You're probably asking yourself if it's time to refinance. Well, that depends. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you currently paying mortgage insurance and will that go away because you have enough equity in your house? If you are able to get rid of the mortgage insurance premium you could actually take that extra payment and put it towards your principal, paying your mortgage down quicker.

  • Your payment right now is so high it's painful to make the payment and refinancing would make the payment more manageable.

  • Do you have equity in your house? If not, you may be faced with having to refinance into a a FHA loan and that means you will have mortgage insurance.

  • Your payment may go down but you may be paying longer. For example, you are 5 years into your 30 year mortgage, you refinance and now the clock starts over because you refinance into a new 30 year mortgage. One way to combat that is to get a 25 year, or even 20 year mortgage.

  • What is the cost to refinance? For example, if it costs you $8,000 to refinance and it will lower your payment by $150 a month- how long will it take you for you to recoup the savings? Take $8000 and divide by $150 that would mean it would take you 53 months or 4.5 years to recover that $8000. So unless you're planning on staying in your house for at least 5 or more years you might want to reconsider whether it's worth refinancing. One way to combat the cost is to take your current money being held by your lender for your insurance and taxes (called escrow) and your payment you get to miss the month after you refinance and put that towards your refinance costs. That could cut the costs of the refinance in half, thereby giving you a short time line to recoup the costs of refinancing.

Remember this is all very general, there are a lot variables and more things to consider that aren't discussed. So before you decide to chase the refi craze, run the numbers and make sure they work. You may just decide you're better off right now without refinancing.
For more real estate information be sure and check out or call 301-865-9561

Sexual Assault

On 11/11/09, members of the FPD Patrol Division responded to an attempted sexual assault. A female victim advised she was walking in the area of E. Church St. and Highland Ave., between 0400 and 0500 hours, when she was followed by a male that assaulted her. The male attempted to pull the woman’s clothes off and struck her several times. The victim was able to fight off her attacker, sustained minor injuries, and is in good condition. The male was described as:

White male

6-02 to 6-04

Light brown to dark blond hair, curls and unkempt

Full beard and mustache

Black T- shirt

Dark blue jeans

FPD’s Criminal Investigation Division will be following up with the investigation. In the meantime, anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious in the area is asked to contact Sgt. J.P. Hayer at 301-600-1265 or the FPD crime tip line at 240-600-TIPS.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mount St. Mary's University Teams Up with Campbell's Soup Company

Emmitsburg, MD - Mount St. Mary’s University teams up with the Campbell's Soup Company in the fight to end hunger in the “Let’s Can Hunger Challenge”. The Mount St. Mary’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and Hockey Team have organized a local food drive to collect and donate food to the Emmitsburg Food Bank and feed those who are hungry this Thanksgiving season.

“The Mount Hockey Club, as its service to the community, has been conducting two food drives each year, for Thanksgiving and during Lent, for thirteen years now,” says the Ice Hockey Coach Fr. Jim Donohue. “This year the Mount's School of Business' Dr. Karl Einolf and Dr. Sandra Sjoberg approached me about coordinating our efforts with the SIFE team. It is a great partnership and teaming up together will help us to secure more food for the poor.”

The Mount St. Mary’s campus community plans to make a difference by giving to those who live each day with a little amount of food. The Food Drive will run from November 2nd to November 16th. Collection bins have been placed around campus to place non-perishable food items.

Monetary donations will be accepted from November 9th to November 13th in Patriot Hall.
Hunger is both a global and local issue. One of the biggest social issues facing American today is hunger. There are 35,000,000 Americans who are food insecure. As well as 12.9% of individuals in Emmitsburg who are living below the poverty level.

SIFE has been encouraged by Campbell’s with the “Let’s Can Hunger Challenge!” The challenge focuses on three areas: urgent hunger relief with food drives, lasting hunger relief for more long-term sustainable projects to combat hunger, and hunger education and awareness initiatives.

The Campbell’s Soup Company will be attending the 2009 Symposium on Socially Responsible Investing, held on Monday, November 16th at 7pm in the Mount’s Knott Auditorium. The company will discuss challenges companies face to become and stay classified as being socially responsible. Campbell Soup Company’s mission is "Together we will build the world's most extraordinary food company by nourishing people's lives everywhere, every day." Campbell’s not only sell safe, high-quality products to its customers, but it also implies a responsibility to nourish those people who cannot afford to do so themselves.

Campbell’s is classified as being socially responsible because it is committed to fighting hunger, to creating healthy foods, and to environmental sustainability.

Last year Mount St. Mary’s collected just over 3,000 non-perishable food items. This year they hope to “Can Hunger,” with the challenge to collect even more than last year.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats

Entertainment for the Whole Family

The Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats

Friday, November 20, 2009; 8 p.m.

Take a glimpse into the fascinating Orient with The Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats. This show has been called "incredible," "breathtaking," "stunning," and "quite unbelievable." The Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats have taken the world by storm and will continue to do so when they bring their 30th North American Theatre Tour to Frederick at the Weinberg Center on Friday, November 20, 2009 at 8 pm. Tickets are on sale now and range from $20-$30. Tickets for ages 16 and under are only $12.

The performance consists of sensational Chinese acrobatics, balancing feats, martial arts displays, and much more. A truly oriental spectacular and a show for all ages, the grace and precision of the acrobats are the triumph of years of dedicated training and discipline, but their art has been formed by centuries of tradition. Chinese acrobatics are, in fact, much more than just a series of stunts. Most of these acts clearly demonstrate the achievement of perfection through finding harmony between mind and body ~ an ancient concept in the Orient. This sensational group has performed throughout South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Monte Carlo, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, and the United States.

The entertainment provided by these gifted performers appeals to all ages! Most importantly, there is no language barrier and everyone attending the performance will be amazed at their unbelievable feats. So, audiences should prepare to sit back, relax, and be transported by these incredible performers to the mystical land of “Shangri-La” where anything is possible…and illusion becomes reality!

To purchase tickets, call the Weinberg Center for the Arts at 301-600-2828 or online at

The Weinberg Center for the Arts, a municipal facility of the City of Frederick, is located at 20 West Patrick Street in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The historic theatre opened in 1926 as the Tivoli, and was donated to the City of Frederick in 1978. Today as one of the region’s premier presenting facilities, the 1,200 seat Weinberg Center offers professional LIVE! Series, including dance, music, theatre, family performances and films, weekday performances for students, and classic movies. Performance space and professional services are available to a variety of community arts groups, civic and business organizations, and other arts promoters. Programming at the Weinberg Center for the Arts is made possible with support from the City of Frederick, Frederick County Government, Maryland State Arts Council, Frederick Arts Council, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, The Frederick News-Post, Bank of America Foundation, The Plamondon Companies and other corporate and individual donors. For more information about upcoming events at the Weinberg Center, please call the Box Office at 301-600-2828 or visit

The Mount Combats the Skyrocketing Price of Textbooks

EMMITSBURG, MD- Mount St. Mary’s University is aggressively recruiting adult-undergraduate and transfer students with a new free book policy. The offer also includes new financial aid packages for transfer students along with the textbook offer to help offset the cost of tuition.

“We realize this is a bold but necessary move to help our students with the huge cost of today’s textbooks,” says Mount President Thomas H. Powell. “The Mount has been looking for ways to make it easier and more affordable for adult students and transfers from community colleges. This is what needs to happen.”

According to a recent study by the Student Public Interest Research Groups, the average cost for a college-level text book is $131.44 per book.

The first phase of the cost-cutting measure kicks-off at the Mount’s Frederick campus, where individuals who attend the Information Session on November 5th and enroll in the undergraduate accelerated program will have their textbooks for their first class provided at no cost. The University’s Center for Professional & Continuing Studies in Frederick offers evening and weekend classes designed for working adults.

“Free books for their first class is another effort on our part to make the transition back into college that much easier for those who have wanted to complete their degree for years but always found some obstacle in their path,” says Joe Lebherz, director of the Center.

The second phase includes free books for all transfer students who received their Associates’ degree and are enrolled at the Mount for spring semester of 2010. The free books are awarded for two academic years or four semesters. The spring application deadline for transfer students is December 1, 2009.

Named one of the most faithful and affordable Catholic colleges in the country, Mount St. Mary’s University competes on the national level with its nineteen Division One athletic teams. The Mount has more than 70 club and intramural sports and a vibrant campus activity program.

For more information on the November 5th Information Session, please contact Joe Lebherz at 877-MSM-8648 or visit

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween 2009 Tips

The Frederick Police Department wants all children to be safe this Halloween. By following a few simple safety tips, parents and guardians can make this Halloween a safe and fun time for their trick-or-treaters.

  1. Parents accompany children or groups of children around the neighborhood. If you are letting your child/ren go unaccompanied have them walk with friends in a group and carry a cell phone. Plan your route and share it with your family.
  2. Have your child/ren use glow sticks and reflective tape. Children should also carry flashlights.
  3. Only visit homes that have the porch light on.
  4. Do not allow children to eat or sample any candy while trick or treating. All candy should be checked by a parent/guardian.
  5. Carefully examine any toys or novelty items received by trick-or-treaters under three years of age. Do not allow young children to have any items that are small enough to present a choking hazard.
  6. Costumes should fit well and not drag on the ground to guard against trips and falls. Make sure children can see out of face masks or use face make-up instead of masks.
  7. Keep candles away from landings or doorsteps. Costumes are extremely flammable.

    Also, do not leave burning candles unattended.

new drug prevention programs

The Frederick Police Department, the Frederick County Health Department, and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America today announced the start of two new community education campaigns in the City of Frederick aimed to inform parents and teens about today’s alcohol and drug landscape.

The Partnership for Drug-Free America developed Parents360 and Youth360 in response to strong, positive feedback from Meth360, a multi-disciplinary community outreach program designed to enhance local efforts to deal with the impact of methamphetamine. Implementation of Meth360 resulted in many requests for a parents and youth version, prompting the Partnership to create both programs and expand the scope from methamphetamine to all drug and alcohol issues.

The programs are designed to be co-delivered in teams comprised of law enforcement officers, substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals, as well as other community members committed to the cause of raising awareness at local organizations, schools, churches and parent groups.

The goal of Parents360 (also called Parents: You Matter) is to increase parents’ understanding and confidence in preventing and addressing drug and alcohol issues. The multi-media training program aims to educate parents of teens/tweens about why kids use drugs and alcohol; what parents can do to protect their children, and tips on how to communicate with their kids, monitor their activities, how to spot drug/alcohol use and what a parent should do when they find it.

Youth360 (also called WreckED) is a teen-oriented substance abuse prevention education presentation program that aims to teach teens (15-19 years old) about the realities and consequences of substance use. The program encourages teens to think more introspectively about their own and their friends’ behavior regarding alcohol and other drugs, and to consider the associated consequences of getting involved. In addition to getting attendees to take a closer look at themselves, the presentation will also motivate them to be proactive in “looking out” for their friends who may be engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Youth360 starts out with a video depicting all aspects of the contemporary drug and alcohol scene that is part of the teen life today, as well as real-life stories of addiction and recovery from the A&E Network program series Intervention. A special wreckED interactive card game was designed that focuses on the issues presented in the video, simulating real life choices, behaviors, and consequences. While the video sets up the bigger picture regarding alcohol and other drug use and abuse, the card game personalizes the choices, behaviors, and resulting consequences, giving the teens the opportunity to play out scenarios from their own experiences and viewpoint.

The Department is also pleased to continue the Meth360 Program to interested groups. This program presents the dangers and warning signs of Methamphetamine manufacture and use, as well as the consequences of becoming addicted.

All of the programs are coordinated through the Frederick Police Department. Please call Lt. Steve Tuel at 301-600-2715 to schedule a presentation.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is a nonprofit organization uniting parents, renowned scientists and communications professionals to help families raise healthy children. The Partnership motivates and equips parents to prevent their children from using drugs and alcohol, intervene when drug and alcohol use is present and find help for family and friends in trouble. The Partnership’s site,, translates current research on teen behavior, addiction and treatment into easy to understand tips and tools and connects parents with expert advice and support. For parents who need help starting and maintaining conversations with their kids about drugs and alcohol, Time To Talk, a nationwide parents’ movement, offers empowering tips and tools at The Partnership depends on donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and government. The Partnership thanks SAG/AFTRA and the advertising and media industries for their ongoing generosity.

Christopher Wayne Allen Arrest

On today's date officers from the Frederick Police Department’s Directed Patrol Unit were conducting covert foot patrols in the area of Tollhouse Ave. This area of the city has been experiencing an increase in commercial burglaries over the past couple weeks. These foot patrols were being conducted to prevent further occurrences, as well as identify and charge the individual(s) responsible.

While on foot officer’s attention was drawn to the sound of breaking glass. Officers came upon an individual who was to the rear of a business in the 300 block of W 7th St. Officers approached this individual, who was later identified as Christopher Wayne Allen, and asked what he was doing. Allen admitted he broke out the window, and planned on entering the business. Officers placed Allen under arrest for destruction of property and attempted 4th degree burglary. Through subsequent interview, Allen admitted his intention was to steal cash from inside the location. This investigation is continuing to ascertain Allen’s involvement in the previous burglaries.

Allen (photo right) was transported to central booking for processing without incident. No further information is available at this time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flamingo Pool Supply

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A Night at the Brunswick Railroad Museum

BRUNSWICK, MD - Join Brunswick Railroad Museum staff and volunteers on October 30th and October 31st for A Night at the Brunswick Railroad Museum. This program will include Maryland legends, mysteries, and tales of the unexplained dating from the pre-Civil War period to the present. Some of these legends, such as that of a winged and horned beast known as the Snallygaster, may be familiar to visitors. Others, such as the tale of menacing maniac dressed in a rabbit costume, may be somewhat less familiar. Visitors, who are encouraged to bring flashlights, will be guided through the darkened halls of the Brunswick Railroad Museum and encounter storytellers wearing historical garb from three different time periods - and perhaps a scary surprise or two!

The approximately one-hour program will be offered at 7 pm and 9pm on Friday, October 30th and Saturday, October 31st. The cost is $10 for adults, $8 for students with ID, and $5 for children 12 and under. Space for this program is limited, and reservations are strongly recommended. Call the Museum at (301) 834-7100 or email for reservations. The Museum is located at 40 W. Potomac St. in downtown Brunswick, MD.

Sexual Assault

At the time of this press release, officers and detectives with the Frederick Police Department are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a male student of the MD School for the Deaf. It is believed the assault occurred in one of the Dorms. As the investigation is currently actively being pursued, details are not available at this time. The victim is being treated at FMH and is good condition. The lead Detective in this investigation is Detective Dale Renninger. Further details will be available as they become available.

Because of the nature of this investigation and the age of those involved no additional information will be released at this time. We are working closely with the administration of the Maryland School for the Deaf and the States Attorney’s Office on this matter. We anticipate a second release with additional details within days so please be patient and we will provide additional details as they become available.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Graduation of the 17th Citizens Police Academy

On Saturday October 24th, 2009 the Frederick Police Department celebrated the graduation of the 17th Citizens Police Academy. The Citizens Police Academy was a 10 week program that taught its participants the many facets of the law enforcement field and the Frederick Police Department.

CPA participants pictured are;

Back row from left to right: Eve Raffensberger, Donald Weller Jr., John Day, Michael Moore, Nicolette Moore, Douglas Aquino

Front row from left to right: Amanda Haddaway, Kate Sherbine, Jessica Sweeney, Michael Dempsher

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mount St. Mary's University Gets H1N1 Vaccine

The Mount Vaccinates Hundreds Against H1N1
Great Success at Vaccine Clinics

Emmitsburg, MD – Mount St. Mary’s University announces over 520 H1N1 vaccines have been administered to the Mount community during the first three days of the clinic and will continue to offer, while supplies last.

The Mount holds its next H1N1 Vaccine Clinic on Tuesday, October 27th in the Mount’s Wellness Center located in McGowan Hall.

“I, along with the University’s Board of Trustees, administrators, and faculty are committed to the protecting our students and employees from all threats including the threat imposed by H1N1,” says Mount President Thomas Powell. “We continue to work with county, state, and national agencies and institutions to be prepared in the event of a serious outbreak affecting the Mount and our community.”

The H1N1 vaccine is available to all Mount students and employees.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Memorial Service Remembering OFC Mark Bremer

The Frederick Police Department will be holding a memorial service on Friday October 23, 2009 at 1 pm in the rear parking lot of 100 W. Patrick St Frederick MD 21701 (FPD Headquarters), to remember the one year anniversary of the death of OFC Mark Bremer.

During the service Lt. Pennington will recap the careers of the two officers killed in the line of duty while serving the citizens of Frederick, OFC Mark Bremer and OFC John Adams. His remarks will be followed by comments from Police Chief Kim Dine and FOP Lodge #91 President Charles Snyder.

During the ceremony, members of the Department will unveil and dedicate a memorial stone displaying the names of OFC Mark Bremer and OFC John Adams. The memorial stone was donated by the family of the late Sgt. Charles Cashour who served with the Frederick Police Department from 1957 – 1985. In honor of Sgt. Cashour, his family donated this memorial for those “Fallen Officers” of the Frederick Police Department.

We are asking family, friends, co-workers and the citizens of Frederick to join us in this Memorial Ceremony.

Location: 100 West Patrick Street, Frederick MD 21701 (Court Street Side of the Frederick County Court House).

Those media representatives planning to attend should call Capt Kevin Grubb at 301-600-1254.

Thank you for your anticipated attendance.

Special Note: Click Here for photos from the funeral a year ago.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

City of Frederick Fall Photos 2009

RCS_0945, originally uploaded by Network.

Click Here for lots of photos and a fun video!

Shooter Drill at State Farm Insurance

The Frederick Police Department working with our partners State Farm Insurance, Frederick County Emergency Management, Frederick County Fire Rescue, Maryland Institution for Emergency Medical Services and Systems (MIEMS), will be conducting an active Shooter Drill at State Farm Insurance located at One State Farm Drive off Monocacy Blvd. The drill will be conducted from 6 a.m. through 2 p.m. Residents and commuters will see a lot of police and emergency responder activity in the area of Monocacy Blvd and Rt 26 as part of the drill. This exercise is to test the interoperability of our responders and our corporate communities in emergency situations. Portions of the State Farm Complex will be closed off to the public for the duration of the drill. Press will be directed to the drill command post that will be located at the State Farm Complex parking lot to contact the drill media liaison and exercise coordinator. Please Contact Lt Dudley Frederick Police Department for information prior to the exercise 301-600-1206.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First US Tour! A New Type of Circus!

First US Tour! A New Type of Circus!
Circo Aereo: Espresso
Saturday, November 7, 2009
8:00 p.m.

            In a whirlwind of exhilarating circus skills, cabaret theater, movement and music, Circo Aereo, a Finnish circus troupe, will turn Frederick upside down in a visually stunning and breathtaking performance. Known throughout Europe as the pioneer of the New Circus genre, Circo Aereo comes to Frederick to present Espresso, a work of astonishing virtuosity and subtle parody, at the Weinberg Center of the Arts on Saturday, November 7th at 8:00 pm. This unique tour of Circo Aereo: Espresso is made possible by a grant from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program ArtsCONNECT.   Tickets are on sale now for an event that must be seen to be believed. Prices range from $20-$30.  Bring the family!  Kids under the age of 16 are only $12.
Circo Aereo: Espresso brings audiences of all ages on a high-speed ride through the history of circus and into a universe of wonder and daring, laughter and emotion.  Four vibrant multi-talented performers create scenes and stories, earthbound and in mid-air, through the art of juggling, dance, and aerial performance as music, props and costumes change and transform. Beautifully choreographed movements and striking visual imagery push the boundary of human physical ingenuity to the limit while astonishing virtuosity and charming humor memorize audiences and critics alike.
Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat called the show “a treasure chest full of the things of which circus is made, filled with beautiful sights, meticulous joint efforts, and inventive surprise.” With the courage to experiment and the skill to evoke feeling, Circo Aereo mixes time-honored circus arts, cabaret and contemporary circus in a series of surprising and playful scenes.

Additionally, a free workshop will be held at 10 a.m., Saturday, November 7th at the Delaplaine Center for the Arts.  The workshop will focus on juggling technique with basic juggling objects: balls, rings and clubs.  This workshop is intended for beginning to intermediate students and adults. Interested students or adults should contact the Weinberg Center’s box office at 301.600.2828 or
Don’t miss your chance to experience this once in a lifetime performance as Circo Aereo brings Frederick audiences on an unforgettable excursion into the glorious realms of circus arts.  To purchase tickets, call the Weinberg Center for the Arts at 301-600-2828 or online at 

The Weinberg Center for the Arts, a municipal facility of the City of Frederick, is located at 20 West Patrick Street in downtown Frederick, Maryland.  The historic theatre opened in 1926 as the Tivoli, and was donated to the City of Frederick in 1978.  Today as one of the region’s premier presenting facilities, the 1,200 seat Weinberg Center offers professional LIVE! Series, including dance, music, theatre, family performances and films, weekday performances for students, and classic movies.  Performance space and professional services are available to a variety of community arts groups, civic and business organizations, and other arts promoters.   Programming at the Weinberg Center for the Arts is made possible with support from the City of Frederick, Frederick County Government, Maryland State Arts Council, Frederick Arts Council, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, The Frederick News-Post, Bank of America Foundation, The Plamondon Companies and other corporate and individual donors. For more information about upcoming events at the Weinberg Center, please call the Box Office at 301-600-2828 or visit

See Mike Cady at Frederick Nissan and SAVE

Nissan USA and Frederick Nissan Announce
Featuring Sales Prices Far Below MSRP and
New and Improved Financial Incentives!!!
For Example:
Stock #KK-39, 2009 Versa 1.8S Hatchback
Equipped with Power Package, Cruise Control, Wheel Package,
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MSRP is $20,695. Our low price is $17,995.

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Stock #KKT-324, 2009 Quest 3.5S DVD- MSRP is $29,865. Our low price is $24,439.
All prices include freight and factory rebate.

Other models have similar savings!!!

Please contact us for more information.
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Sales Hours: M-F 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Sat. 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Service Hours: M-F 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Sat. 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Parts Hours: M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Collision Center: M-F 7:30 AM to 5: