Thursday, October 29, 2009

new drug prevention programs

The Frederick Police Department, the Frederick County Health Department, and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America today announced the start of two new community education campaigns in the City of Frederick aimed to inform parents and teens about today’s alcohol and drug landscape.

The Partnership for Drug-Free America developed Parents360 and Youth360 in response to strong, positive feedback from Meth360, a multi-disciplinary community outreach program designed to enhance local efforts to deal with the impact of methamphetamine. Implementation of Meth360 resulted in many requests for a parents and youth version, prompting the Partnership to create both programs and expand the scope from methamphetamine to all drug and alcohol issues.

The programs are designed to be co-delivered in teams comprised of law enforcement officers, substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals, as well as other community members committed to the cause of raising awareness at local organizations, schools, churches and parent groups.

The goal of Parents360 (also called Parents: You Matter) is to increase parents’ understanding and confidence in preventing and addressing drug and alcohol issues. The multi-media training program aims to educate parents of teens/tweens about why kids use drugs and alcohol; what parents can do to protect their children, and tips on how to communicate with their kids, monitor their activities, how to spot drug/alcohol use and what a parent should do when they find it.

Youth360 (also called WreckED) is a teen-oriented substance abuse prevention education presentation program that aims to teach teens (15-19 years old) about the realities and consequences of substance use. The program encourages teens to think more introspectively about their own and their friends’ behavior regarding alcohol and other drugs, and to consider the associated consequences of getting involved. In addition to getting attendees to take a closer look at themselves, the presentation will also motivate them to be proactive in “looking out” for their friends who may be engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Youth360 starts out with a video depicting all aspects of the contemporary drug and alcohol scene that is part of the teen life today, as well as real-life stories of addiction and recovery from the A&E Network program series Intervention. A special wreckED interactive card game was designed that focuses on the issues presented in the video, simulating real life choices, behaviors, and consequences. While the video sets up the bigger picture regarding alcohol and other drug use and abuse, the card game personalizes the choices, behaviors, and resulting consequences, giving the teens the opportunity to play out scenarios from their own experiences and viewpoint.

The Department is also pleased to continue the Meth360 Program to interested groups. This program presents the dangers and warning signs of Methamphetamine manufacture and use, as well as the consequences of becoming addicted.

All of the programs are coordinated through the Frederick Police Department. Please call Lt. Steve Tuel at 301-600-2715 to schedule a presentation.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is a nonprofit organization uniting parents, renowned scientists and communications professionals to help families raise healthy children. The Partnership motivates and equips parents to prevent their children from using drugs and alcohol, intervene when drug and alcohol use is present and find help for family and friends in trouble. The Partnership’s site,, translates current research on teen behavior, addiction and treatment into easy to understand tips and tools and connects parents with expert advice and support. For parents who need help starting and maintaining conversations with their kids about drugs and alcohol, Time To Talk, a nationwide parents’ movement, offers empowering tips and tools at The Partnership depends on donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and government. The Partnership thanks SAG/AFTRA and the advertising and media industries for their ongoing generosity.

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