Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Using Your Inner Voice

Meditate, Connect and Listen to Your Inner Voice

My name is Harriet and I’m an intuitive and a paranormal investigator. In my line of work I’m dealing with ghosts all year round. Most people just enjoy ghost and ghost stories around Halloween. I want to share some of my ghostly experiences with you and answer questions you may have about the paranormal. At the end of this article, you will see how to contact me. Please do so and share any questions you may have.

One of my specialties is helping people listen and connect to their inner voice, their spirit guides, angels or messengers. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of concentration and focusing not only on my part but on the part of the person I’m working with. Sometimes before we can actually begin a session, I have to help that person let go of stress. Believe me stress stops, alters, interrupts and interferes with communications with people of this earth and people not of this earth. How can you hear your inner voice when you ask for guidance if you are all stressed? You can pray but you’ll never hear the answers if you’ve blocked the communications. If you are a stress mess your body is doing all it can to deal with it and focus is lost.

Recently I had some test run and they had to insert an IV. A delightful, experienced nurse tried to insert the needle. I warned her that I had difficult veins. She tried once and sure enough, my vein said you’re not putting that needle in here. She tried again and after excruciating pain it was concluded that this vein wasn’t going to work either. The nurse said she was going to get a tech with a reputation for being able to, with very little effort, insert the needle in difficult veins. That charming lady picked the vein and had success on the first try. I thanked her for her expertise. She said she attributed her success to her ability to focus. I can tell you, I really appreciated her ability to focus.

In order to focus you have to rid your body of as much stress as possible. Your inability to focus can adversely affect your job. In some situations, your inability to focus can be dangerous i.e. behind the wheel of a car, operating machinery.

Meditation is an excellent method of releasing stress and improves the ability to focus. I teach meditation and I mediate every day. Sometimes I go where I can let someone else lead me into a relaxing state of meditation. It’s good for your mind, your soul and your body. It has healing power.

Meditation is for this new world we live in. In the beginning it will probably take you about an hour to get to that desired state of complete relaxation. After just a few times, it’ll take about 30 wonderful minutes – minutes you will come to treasure. With more practice, you will be able to achieve success in 10 minutes but I promise you, you’ll treasure the days when you can take 30 minutes to meditate. You will start finding those 30 minutes because you will experience the benefits. You can meditate in the privacy of your home, all by yourself. Doesn’t that sound good!

If you want to improve communications and your ability to focus, hear your inner voice, connect with your guides, hear God when he speaks, (God doesn’t shout) meditation will open the airwaves and provide a conduit. Your stress will melt away and clear a path that allows you to focus. You’ll accomplish more and feel more energized – more alive!

Speak soon.


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