Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thefts from Vehicles

The Frederick Police Department’s Directed Patrol Unit has identified several small patterns of thefts from vehicles in the Frederick City area through crime analysis. The Carroll Park Manor subdivision, Willowdale Drive area, and Worman’s Mill subdivision are locations that have recently seen this type of criminal activity. We will be attempting to address these crimes through various techniques. Although this type of crime happens in most areas at some point, citizens are encouraged to take counter theft measures such as removing valuables from vehicles & locking vehicle doors. If it is not possible to remove valuables please take the time to conceal them by putting them in a location that renders them out of sight. We would also encourage parking under or around lighting if possible. We encourage citizens to be aware of strange people or vehicles that are acting suspiciously in their neighborhoods and to report them to the police at 301-600-2100. It is also very helpful, if it is possible to obtain a description of the persons or vehicles, to include a registration tag number, and pass that on to the police dispatcher.

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