Thursday, November 12, 2009

Arrest: BOWIE, Travis Ellsworth

At 3:15 P.M., an off-duty police officer notified the Frederick Police Department that he observed a subject he knew to be wanted by police in the area of Rose Hill Manor. FPD officers responded and located BOWIE, who fit the description called in by the off-duty officer. When the officers attempted to make contact with BOWIE, he fled on foot. A short chase ensued and BOWIE was caught and detained pending his positive identification. Once identified, BOWIE was arrested and being escorted to a police cruiser when he broke free and fled on foot a second time, jumping two fences in the process. He was captured again and a brief struggle ensued as BOWIE resisted arrest. He was brought under control and transported to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center for processing. It is noteworthy that BOWIE is listed as one of “Frederick’s Most Wanted” on the City of Frederick webpage.

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