Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Assault on police officer

On today’s date, 02-16-10, officers from the Frederick Police Department’s Patrol Division responded to a Domestic Dispute at 1626 Colonial Way. As Sergeant Trapp arrived, he observed the male half of the dispute in the suspect’s vehicle in front 1626 Colonial Way. Sgt. Trapp had the male, who was identified himself as Apelogun, and began to ascertain what had occurred. OFC Hoxie soon arrived and Sgt. Trapp next made contact with the female victim, Ms. Jones. Sgt. Trapp observed that Ms. Jones was injured as a result of the assault from Mr. Apelogun, who lived with Ms. Jones at 1626 Colonial Way. When Sgt. Trapp advised OFC Hoxie to arrest Apelogun, Ms. Jones then struck Sgt. Trapp in the back and they become embroiled in a brief struggle as Ms. Jones was attempting to stop her boyfriend from being arrested. Sgt. Trapp was able to handcuff Ms. Jones as Apelogun was also resisting the arrest of OFC Hoxie. Both were finally handcuffed without further problems. It was only at Central Booking that OFC Hoxie was able to confirm Apelogun’s identity, as he had given a false name while on the scene of the arrest. Neither officer were injured as a result of the resistance of both arrestees.

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