Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mount Summer - Its starting to get warm!

WHO: All college and high school students looking to leap ahead and gain college credit during summer break.

WHAT: Mount St. Mary’s University’s Summer School opens registration this month with more courses available and offering variety of core classes and pre-requisites for many areas of study. There are three sessions, beginning June 1 through August of 2010. Courses taken at the Mount Summer School are accredited and accepted as transfer credits.

WHEN: Summer school registration opens February 22, 2010 for Session I. Please visit www.msmary.edu/summer or call 301-447-8329. WHY: Mount Summer School offers a step ahead with the tools to hit the ground running:

Top Ten Reasons to check out the Mount this summer:

1. Lighten your fall and spring course loads.
2. Retake a course that took you.
3. Complete your foreign language requirement.
4. Go rock climbing, kayaking, swimming & more.
5. Finish a 3-credit course in four weeks!
6. Pick up a few credits and still have summer fun.
7. Graduate on time.
8. Enjoy live outdoor music & movies on campus.
9. Please Mom & Dad by working on that minor.
10. Wear flip flops to class. (Oh wait, you already do that all year long!)

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