Saturday, April 17, 2010

Frederick Crime Stats

Each year the Frederick Police Department releases its Uniform Crime Report for Part I offenses. Part I crimes are those major crimes reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of the Uniform Crime Reporting System. In 2009 the Department experienced an overall decrease of .8 % in Part I Offenses compared to last year. This decrease is due to the reporting of 19 less Part 1 offenses over last year. As noted in Chart 1, decreases were recorded in burglaries and stolen autos and Increases were recorded in the following: rape, robbery, aggravated assault and theft. Please see attached chart.

Chart 2 (click on chart for full size) shows actual Part I crime numbers from 1991 through 2009. As illustrated in Chart 2, the total Part I offenses were lower in 2009 than in almost every year since 1991. Since 1991, the overall number of Part I crimes continues to be stable despite an increasing population, which has increased by 50% since 1991.

Chief Kim C. Dine thanks and commends the outstanding men and women of the Frederick Police Department, both civilian and sworn, for their continued dedication, as well as for the overwhelming support from our residents. Our partnership with the Neighborhood Advisory Councils and all of our residents continues to have an extremely positive impact on our neighborhoods. Now more than ever these partnerships are more important.

The Frederick Police Department continues its multi-faceted approach to crime and disorder through intelligence-led policing, which focuses on data-driven strategies, information sharing and collaborative partnerships.

The FPD will continue to maximize our resources to combat crime. We face significant challenges, which is why we focused on a number of efforts, including enhancing our technology and working to bring new crime fighting programs to Frederick, as exhibited by our effort working with United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, Rod J. Rosenstein and Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to initiate Project Exile in Frederick. This program has been and will continue to be a great success in putting hardened criminals in prison for lengthy sentences. Likewise, we are working with local and Federal authorities in a number of areas through joint efforts to combat crime. While the overall, long term success has been good, we are particularly concerned about the number of robberies; as such, that is a crime of major focus. In 2009, as it relates to the crime of robbery, the FPD arrested and charged 70 individuals with robbery and related charges. Overall, FPD personnel made a significant number of arrests in 2009 and will continue those efforts.

We also continue to ask our residents to call and email our tip lines to report suspicious activity and to help us solve crimes.

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