Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frederick Police Department Graduation

The Frederick Police Department is pleased to announce the graduation of six members of the Uniformed Auxiliary and one Police Explorer from the Auxiliary Academy, which was held in January, February and March of 2010. The attendees, all volunteers who assist the Department in many ways, were trained in many facets of policing, including CPR/first-aid, victim services, crime scene protection, traffic direction, and much more. “This is a way to maximize our volunteers and give them the best possible training so they can assist officers in their duties,” said Chief Kim Dine. “The work they do frees up many hours of sworn officer time. They are truly an asset to our agency.”

Graduating today were Auxiliary Officers Scott Bolcik, Eric Davis, Kevin Morgan, Stacey Morgan, Connie Myers, and Shawn Washington, and Police Explorer Matt Gourley.

Also recognized was retired FPR police officer John Pigott, who continues his service to the citizens of Frederick as a member of the volunteer uniformed Auxiliary.

Police Auxiliary members donated more than 4000 hours of time to the Department in 2009, and several members were recently recognized with Volunteer in Police Service Awards through the Department of Justice and the White House for their dedication.

For more information on the Frederick Police Auxiliary please call Lt. Steve Tuel at 301-600-2715.

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