Friday, January 2, 2009

Hindering Arrest

On 12/31/2008 at approximately 2327 hours, several Frederick Police officers responded to the Hard Times Café at 1003 W. Patrick St. for a reported assault. Upon arrival, the suspect in the assault was found to be in the parking lot of the establishment. As officers attempted to speak to the suspect, they were approached by the below listed arrestee, who advised his intention of preventing the officers from speaking to the suspect. The arrestee was advised to stay out of the investigation, but continued to interfere, requiring at least one officer to pay attention to him during the course of the incident. It developed that the arrestee was in possession of information and property belonging to the suspect that was required to properly complete the investigation. When asked for these items, the arrestee admitted having them, but refused to give them to the officers. These items were not the property of the arrestee and he had no standing to refuse to surrender them. Guariglia, Rick Adam was given the opportunity to comply with the orders, but continued to refuse and was subsequently arrested for hindering the officers’ investigation

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