Tuesday, January 27, 2009


On the above date and time, officers responded to 209 W. 5th St for a stabbing. Once on scene, they located a large amount of blood at the front and rear doors of the residence. The residence was locked and forced entry was made to locate victims and or suspects. No persons were located inside the residence, but FMH advised that a person with a severe chest wound just entered their emergency room. Officers contacted the victim and he explained that an altercation occurred inside the above residence. The altercation occurred when the suspect attempted to leave the residence with the victim’s hat. When the victim attempted to retrieve the hat, he was attacked with a knife. The suspect has been identified as Paula Denise Fatka (Photo right), W/F, 05/27/1981, 5’6”, 125lbs, long black hair, brown eyes, numerous scars and tattoos on each arm. Checks of the area were negative. Anyone with information on the location of the suspect is asked to call the Frederick Police Department at 301-600-2100. The victim, Steven Alan Burdette, 26, was in stable condition at FMH at the time of this press release. Mr. Burdette was found to have an open arrest warrant through the FCSO for CDS charges and he will be placed in their custody upon release.

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CAKEWALK72000 said...

Yea the two are drinking buddies, The three meet at Griffs that night and Steve invited them to come to his house to smoke some weed. Her first incident was self defense [HACKEY's brother got 3 life terms for child rape - This is the victums brother of first incident. Stae made her plead guilty] Our pleads represent a baseball game to new states attoneys] They may very well affect this girls life. There was no machetee a 3 inch folding knife - This incident was done with carpet knife.