Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Calling First Time Homebuyers!!

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Calling first time homebuyers (or not)! Hurry, Hurry-expires December 1, 2009
I’m sure at this point you’ve heard lots about the first time homebuyer tax credit, but what does it mean for you? Contrary to the title ‘First time Homebuyer’ you don’t necessarily need to be a first time homebuyer (check with your accountant to verify). The IRS describes first time homebuyers as someone who hasn’t owned a principal residence in the previous three years prior to purchasing a home.
The tax credit can be as much as $8,000! Here’s how it works. Buyers can take a tax credit (not a deduction) equal to 10 percent of the purchase-up to a maximum of $8000 off of their 2009 income taxes when filed next year. For example buy a house that’s $80,000 or more and you owe $8000 in taxes, you now would owe $0! Here’s the downfall-if you make $75,000 or more single, or $150,000 married filing jointly the tax credit maybe reduced. For more info go to

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Justin Torres said...

That's a good news for them, but how about these days? Is this still working? There are lot of first time home buyers that still need that.

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