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Mount St. Mary's University Commits to Ethics in Business Pledge

Mount St. Mary's University Commits to Ethics in Business Pledge

Emmitsburg, MD – On March 23, 2010 Mount St. Mary’s University School of Business students, faculty and administration will recite and commit to a business pledge comprised of ethical decision-making with respect to individual and corporate social responsibility.

The Pledge

As a member of the School of Business at Mount St. Mary’s University, I hereby pledge to use my knowledge, skills, and abilities here and in the future, dedicated to a life of virtue consistent with The Lord’s teaching that “unto whom much is given much is expected.”

I will view my life and my work as a calling – a vocation to serve the needs of others and my community. In this role, I will use my God-given talents with enterprise, understanding the importance of the creative role business plays in society, and respectful of the dignity of the human person. I will consider people as well as profits, morality as well as market-share, and service as well as self. In all of this, I accept responsibility for my actions and understand that my actions leave a legacy.

I will accept leadership responsibilities, understanding that to lead is to serve and that the greatest among us must serve the rest. I will reflect before acting, making honorable, ethical and socially responsible choices that truly advance the common good and not merely my own or my organization’s self-interest. I will encourage and support others to demonstrate similar conduct with the faith and understanding that such actions contribute to the greater good.

The Ceremony

“We are excited for the inaugural pledge ceremony. Faith, ethics, responsible business practices and decision-making based on a greater good instead self-interest have always been at the core of our business curriculum here at the Mount,” says President Thomas H. Powell. “This pledge solidifies the Mount’s dedication to shaping ethical leaders.”

After the 2009 formation of the Mount School of Business, President Thomas Powell, along with Business Dean, William Forgang and business students, began discussing the creation of an official business pledge for Mount students and business faculty to follow.

“The turbulent economy of recent years has given witness to the life-altering and global affect business decisions can make. We have seen many ethical and social responsibility violations. Enron and WorldCom are examples but the poor risk management of major financial institutions and the failure of the financial regulatory system raise other issues,” says Dean William Forgang, Mount School of Business. “The pledge behind the School of Business believes in the efficacy of free markets but that free markets are susceptible to corruption and excessive self interest.”

James Brady, a Mount St. Mary’s University Board Trustee Emeritus, former secretary of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development and member of Constellation Energy’s Board of Directors will serve as keynote speaker.

The pledge ceremony will take place in the Cardinal William H. Keeler Dining Room in the Mount’s Patriot Hall at at 3:30 p.m.

The Mount, established in 1808, is the second oldest Catholic university in the nation and well known for its strong business program offering undergraduate and MBA degrees.

For more information please contact the Mount School of Business at 301-447-5396.

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