Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arrested: Morris, Stephon Christopher

On the above date and time officers of the Frederick Police Department’s Directed Patrol Unit were conducting covert foot patrols on the south-side of Route 40. While on patrol in the area of 605 Himes Ave, officers noticed two suspicious individuals walking through the parking lot. The individuals appeared to be looking at vehicles in the area. While the officers were in observation, one of the individuals opened the door of a parked vehicle, and began to look through it. Both individuals were approached, identified, and detained. Through subsequent questioning the individual admitted it was not his vehicle, and it was his intent to steal items within. This individual was identified as Stephon Christopher Morris DOB 02/19/1991. The other individual was identified as a juvenile, therefore no further information will be provided.

The Morris subject was transported to central booking for processing without incident.

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