Thursday, August 27, 2009

National Health Plan

1) Give all doctors and nurses full immunity from law suits.
2) Suspend all income taxes for doctors and nurses.
3) Get rid of all health insurance.
4) Doctors and nurses will be rated for quality on various websites.
5) All health care will be cash and carry.
6) Those who can not pay and have no assets will turn to a national fund that will only disperse money direct to doctors or hospitals.
7) Doctors will not need to fill out forms or deal with insurance companies in any way.

This system will encourage more students to become doctors. With more doctors there will be more supply of services and therefore competition and lower prices. Also, if people are paying out of pocket there will be less unnecessary care.

This plan should be able to be implemented in a short time frame and costs for care would drop fast!

The cost to the tax payer would be low and limited to the national fund that is used only for those who can not pay. Those who use the national fund may be required to pay the fund back if able at a later date.

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