Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hit and Run Arrest: Tyler Seaton Beckwith

At 8:53 AM, today, OFC Sheena Maples responded to a reported Hit-and-Run traffic accident in the parking garage of Frederick Memorial Hospital, 400 W. 7th St., involving a blue Cadillac with Maryland tags. Information received also alleged that the suspect vehicle was being operated by Tyler Beckwith who was wanted through this agency for Third and Fourth Degree Burglary.

While Officer Maples was entering the garage, she observed the Cadillac driving toward her vehicle. The Cadillac then swerved and struck Officer Maple’s police cruiser and continued through the closed exit barrier of the garage and escaped onto W. 7th St. Officer Maples was not injured but the police vehicle sustained significant damage to the driver’s side rear quarter.

Additional officers responded to the scene and began to search the area. Two concerned citizens observed the police activity and alerted police to the Cadillac’s location in the Sunset Walk apartment complex. Police units responded, set up a perimeter and conducted a search of the area. The search area extended from Fairview Ave to Motter Ave to W. 9th St. to the northern edge of North Frederick Elementary School and involved officers in vehicles, on foot and a police K9 unit.

The Cadillac was found abandoned in the complex and Beckwith was later located hiding adjacent to North Frederick Elementary School. He was arrested and transported to Frederick Police Headquarters for questioning.

Subsequent investigation revealed that Beckwith had been contacted by FMH Security personnel, who found him sleeping inside the Cadillac the garage. Once they discovered his identity, they noted that Beckwith was a former hospital employee who had been terminated around the first of the year (2009). Beckwith then attempted to leave the area and struck two other vehicles with the Cadillac prior to Officer Maples’ arrival.

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