Friday, August 21, 2009

Moped and Scooter Thefts

This press release is meant to inform the public about a recent rash of moped/scooter thefts within the city of Frederick. Within the last month there has been approximately 15 thefts involving these vehicles. The suspect(s) have been committing the thefts primarily overnight during hours of darkness. Several of the stolen vehicles were secured with cable locks that had to be cut. Others had their steering column locks broken. Citizens should be aware the largest concentration of thefts has been occurring in the northeastern area of the city.

It appears the best way to prevent these thefts from occurring is to store your moped/scooter within a structure. If this is not possible it is recommended to park your vehicle where it is well lit, use the steering column lock (if available), and purchase a cable lock that is cut proof or cut resistant.

The Frederick Police Department is requesting citizens continue to report any suspicious activity observed. If you have information that may assist the police in our investigation please contact Cpl. Beliveau of the department’s Directed Patrol Unit (301-600-4102). If you prefer to remain anonymous you can use the following methods to make contact.

Phone#: 301-600-TIPS(8477)


Text: 240-647-TIPS(8477)

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