Monday, June 8, 2009 announcement

Chief Kim C. Dine and the Frederick Police Department are proud to announce our newest community policing initiative regarding information sharing with our residents. Today, by taking advantage of available technology and through our partnership with Governor Martin O’Malley’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, we are able to provide easy to read crime maps and automated alerts to the citizens of Frederick via the internet.

The service is free to the public, and allows residents to receive email alerts if a call for service occurs near their home. It also allows residents to view call for service activity on an easy to use map for any location within boundaries of the City of Frederick. Updated nightly, the system identifies the date, time, location, event type and incident number of calls for service and other events. Event location information is provided at the block or intersection level.

This website is available through our City of Frederick website or directly at;


Chief Dine said, “We are exceptionally proud of the partnerships we have forged with our residents. We treasure those relationships and the support we receive from our community. This level of support greatly assists our efforts at enforcement, prevention, education, investigation, and outreach. This teamwork has been successful; in 2008, there were less reported Part I crimes in the City of Frederick than there were in 1991, when the city had a population of approximately 41,000. We regularly provide crime, arrest, and call for service data at our neighborhood NAC meetings because we know that informed residents are better able to assist us in fighting crime. While we have worked exceptionally hard at being open, transparent, available, responsive, and aggressive in sharing information, this latest initiative takes our efforts to a new level.”

Residents can access call for service data almost real time, and zoom in on their neighborhood or view the City as a whole. Various calls can be separated out, as can proactive policing efforts. Residents can sign up for notifications regarding incidents in their neighborhood as well. This information will provide significant amounts of information to our residents to make them more aware and informed about what is going on in their communities. Ensuring that all stakeholders take ownership is a critical part of community policing and we believe this latest effort will certainly assist in that effort. This new initiative will also allow our residents to see firsthand part of the workload of the Frederick Police Department. provides call for service information that is different than official crime information which we previously had made available through the City website via SpiresGIS. Call for service data is exactly as described; it is not official crime data and may not indicate that any crime has actually occurred.

Chief Dine would like to thank a number of key people who helped make this initiative happen, to include: Ms. Kristen Mahoney, who heads the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, Frederick Police Department Technical Services Administrator Steve Haller, and Mr. Bob Rose from the Frederick County IIT section, and Miles Pickens from

We would like to invite media representatives to attend a brief demonstration of today Monday June 8, 2009 3:00 pm at Police Headquarters 100 W. Patrick St. Frederick Maryland

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