Monday, June 29, 2009

Shooting in the 1300 block of David Lane

Preliminary Information – Shooting in the 1300 block of David Lane. Altercation occurred in front of a residence between approximately four subjects. Punches were thrown and a shot was fired striking one of the subjects in the leg. This wound is apparently not life threatening. Canvass of the area met with negative results. Scene is still being worked by CID and the CSU. An updated press release will follow at a later time.


On 06/28/09 at approximately 9:53 pm, officers with the Frederick Police Department responded to the 1300 block of David Lane for a report of a shooting. Upon arrival, officers located a male inside a residence who had sustained a single gunshot wound to the left leg. The victim also sustained a cut to the top of his head from being struck with a handgun.

Investigation revealed the victim had exited his vehicle and was walking to a residence on David Lane, when heard noises coming from nearby bushes. As the male reached the door of the residence, he was confronted by two males brandishing handguns. As the victim began to set a bag he was carrying on the ground, one of the suspects struck him in the head with a handgun. The victim fought back, striking one of the suspects and knocking him to the ground. The second suspect then fired on the victim, striking him in the leg.

The suspects immediately fled the area on foot. An extensive search of the area, including a canine track, was conducted. The suspects were not located. The victim further reported seeing a female with the suspects. She stood back from the altercation and fled with the male suspects following the shooting.

The following is a description of the suspects:

Suspect #1 – Black male, medium complexion, approximately 6’00” tall, wearing a dark colored bandana covering his face, dark clothing and a dark hat. Early 20’s

Suspect #2 – Black male, lighter skin, approximately 5’8” tall, short hair, goatee, wearing a dark ball cap. Early 20’s

Suspect #3 – Light skin female, unknown race, dark hair, approximately 5’6” tall, wearing a light colored shirt and blue jeans.

The victim was transported to Frederick Memorial Hospital. He was released following treatment for his injuries.

The investigation is continuing. At this time, robbery appears to be the motive for the incident.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Detective Curt Lege at 301-600-3918. Information can also be provided via the Frederick Police Department Crime Tip Line at 301-600-TIPS or


David_Lane_HOA said...


David lane has been abandoned by the city given only the slightest lipservice.

At the Neighborhood Advisory Council meeting I attended, with Chief Dines in attendance, SGT Mike Klingenship was introduced as our local constable. I called him and the officer that arrived did not know the NAC, HOA board members, or evidently the neighborhood even though professing to be assigned David Lane for two years.

The officer left the situation I called him for unresolved and did not speak to the gentlemen who threatened my life.

We have a history of houses being rented here to host raucus parties; with underage drinking and drugs; and dorming sweatshop laborers. Code enforcement has done little to resolve this. And the police as well, it seems.

kraajjj said...

I have lived in this neighborhood for over 24 years. It started out as a wonderful family neighborhood. Now I can't even take a walk in the evening without fearing for my life. What I want to know is when the people that run this city is going to stop ignoring our area and start doing something. No one seems to care. It is like everyone just decided to let this be the slum area of Frederick. There are ways to "clean up" this area. It was done downtown. If it can be done there, why not here? If you are a city alderman, the police chief, the mayor, or any other person of authority in this city, answer this question...would you want to raise your children here? If not, what makes you think I want to raise my son in this atmosphere? Because I'm still here? WRONG! I can't afford to live in YOUR neighborhood. Does that mean my family doesn't deserve a safe place to live?