Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Theft Conspiracy arrests

At about 1517 hours on June 8, 2009, a minor hit and run accident was reported on Kingfisher Drive at Monocacy Boulevard. The victim of the accident followed the suspect as he drove from Route 26 west onto Route 15 south. The suspect’s vehicle was described as a black Mitsubishi Galant with DC plates.

As Frederick Police Dispatchers were updating officers of the hit and run suspect’s vehicle location, an employee of the Giant supermarket on Kingfisher Drive reported a theft. This theft involved two suspects who had fled in the Mitsubishi Galant. OFC John Hoxie located the Mitsubishi on Route 15/I-270 south, and made a traffic stop as it exited onto Route 85 south. Other officers arrived to assist.

OFC Hoxie identified the driver as Habakkuk Daniel Israel, and the passenger as Antoine Newgene Lamar Hicks. The driver was arrested for the hit and run, and the passenger was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Fairfax, VA. The VA warrant included extradition for surrounding states, and the charge was for “Grand Larceny-Theft.”

While this was happening, OFC McGregor was investigating a theft that had occurred earlier at the CVS at 1305 West 7th Street. OFC McGregor recovered a backpack that had been thrown at an employee as he chased a suspect. The backpack contained paperwork that linked it to Habakkuk Israel. OFC McGregor reviewed security video of the suspects. When he arrived at Central Booking to look at OFC Hoxie’s arrestees, he positively identified them as the same men stealing items from the CVS.

The stolen items, which included Crest white strips and razor blade cartridges, were recovered after a search of the vehicle.

Arrested: Israel, Habakkuk Daniel and Hicks, Antoine Newgene Lamar

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