Friday, November 7, 2008

Frederick Police Activities League

The Frederick Police Activities League will be hosting a Celebration of Education at the Sagner PAL Center on Friday November 7th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

The PAL program along with the Housing Authority of the City of Frederick will be celebrating the youth and families associated with the PAL program for their achievements in education. We will be honoring those in our PAL program who participate in the Reading Club, Computer Club, GAL PALS program, Cooking Classes, and Homework Club.

The PAL Program is but one aspect of the Department’s multi-faceted, progressive approach to policing in our community in general, and reaching out to the City’s young folks specifically.

The Police Activities League of Frederick (PAL) began in August of 1999, and is a recreation-oriented juvenile crime prevention program that relies heavily upon athletics and recreational activities to create and cement the bond between police officers and the youth in the community. During the school year the PAL program is offered in the evenings at the PAL Center in the Sagner Community and at Hillcrest Elementary School. PAL offers youth a safe nurturing place to learn and interact with the police officers all while having a good time.

For more information please contact Michele Bowman at 301-600-2091.

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David Bruce said...

I'm glad you posted this... I live near the Sagner PAL center. I didn't know there was a Computer Club and a Reading Club, or a Homework Club going on in there!

I'll think twice before grumbling to myself about the boisterous kids going to and from that block.

What would some of those kids be up to if there wasn't a Sagner PAL?

I Googled PAL and it seems there's also a club in Hillcrest.

PAL stands for Police Activity League.

I'm looking into seeing if they need any volunteers to tutor the kids in computers