Saturday, November 1, 2008

Officer Richard Mark Bremer Memorial Fund

To My Brothers and Sisters In Christ:

I know Tuesday is a big day to go and vote-but I am emailing each of you because I know about your servant hearts.

From 9AM-5PM I will be at the Shell Station on 40 West( Golden Mile ) to volunteer for the car wash to benefit our Fallen Officer Mark Bremer Family. Blaine Young with WFMD-has coordinated with the owner to allow all monies that day for the car wash to go to this family.

He also wanted to join forces with the Patty Pollatos Fund once again to do our winter coat drive for Mountain Manor-Safe Harbor-Hope Alive-Rescue Mission-Cold Weather Shelter –Salvation Army. The last time we did this coat drive we received 300 coats for Katrina Victims!

This is my request to you:

First I know that everyone may not be able to volunteer that day but if you can -please email me what hours you can -so I will know if I have enough volunteers-(I would like to have 10 with me the whole day) or you may have friends that can donate time.-please pass this on.

Second-If you work -please let your co-workers know what we are doing for the Bremer Family and if they would want to donate something -take the collection-or if they want to write a check make it payable to The Mark Bremer Memorial Fund, Blaine will be on the air 3-5PM (301-694-WFMD) AND let him know what you have collected to add to the total. If you would want to just mail the check do so to this address:

Fraternal Order of Police FSK Lodge 91,
P.O. Box 808,
Frederick, Md., 21705,
attention of Charlie Snyder.

Also if they can bring a coat or coats for man woman or child it would be deeply appreciated. It would also be appreciated if the coats where clean and in good shape. (I know I sound picky but I feel they are already in a depressed state- and just want to uplift their spirits with a nice warm coat.) We have already had 2 deaths in the state of Maryland from cold weather- I don’t want Frederick to be one of the counties that this will happen.

Letters getting long and time is getting short so please let me know as soon as possible.

God Bless Your Servant Hearts

In Him
Debbie Williams

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