Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two arrested for possession of CDS

At about 1203 hours on November 25, 2008, OFC Scott McGregor responded to Safeway at 927 West 7th Street for a reported shoplifting. Safeway employees provided a description of the suspects. A female was supposedly walking away from the store, and a male in a van had remained in the parking lot.

Other officers responding located the female suspect (Hernandez), walking on Selwyn Drive. The male suspect (Gardiner) was found sitting in the parking lot in his van.

Based on witness statements and other evidence, OFC McGregor arrested Hernandez on theft charges. She had attempted to leave the store without paying for numerous items. A search of her person incident to arrest revealed drug paraphernalia with heroin residue.

Gardiner allowed officers to search his van and person. A small quantity of marijuana and related paraphernalia was located in his pockets. He was also arrested.

Both Gardiner and Hernandez were taken to Central Booking and charged with the offenses listed below.

Theft Under $500

-CDS Possession: Heroin

-CDS Possession: paraphernalia

-CDS Possession: Marijuana

-CDS Possession: paraphernalia

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