Saturday, March 14, 2009

Check Fraud

On tonight’s date, OFC Hoxie with the Frederick Police Department’s Patrol Division responded to check cashing business located on S. McCain Dr for a fraudulent check case. Upon arrival, OFC Hoxie was given two checks the owner of the business had received from a female customer, who was still on scene. The business has recently been given numerous checks that were counterfeit and the two checks provided tonight appeared to be similar. OFC Hoxie was able to determine the checks were counterfeit. The bank on checks were contacted and confirmed the business on the check did not exist in their system and the account number on the check was false. The female who tried to cash the checks had false identification on her person and continued to insist that was her identity. OFC Hoxie was able to find her correct identification, which is Nicole Shawn King. She was arrested and taken to Central Booking for a bond hearing, which she was awaiting at the time of this release. The investigation is continuing to see if Ms. King is connected with other similar cases involving counterfeit checks in the area.

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