Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vehicle Break-Ins.

The Frederick Police Department has seen a surge in recent weeks of vehicles being broken into and mainly GPS devices being stolen. In just the prior two days, five such reports were taken in the area of W. Key Parkway and adjacent parking lots. It appears that vehicles in which electronic devices such as GPS devices and satellite radios left in plain view are being targeted. In some cases, the vehicles are left unlocked and in others the windows are being smashed. One of the cases involves an afternoon break in as the victim had only recently walked away from their vehicle only to return to find a GPS left in plain view stolen and her window smashed.

Area residents are asked to help the Frederick Police Department in reporting suspicious persons, especially persons leering into vehicles. The Frederick Police Department also urges its’ citizens to remove all valuables from vehicles when the vehicle is left unattended, and at a minimum, place valuables in the trunk and out of sight when temporarily away from the vehicle.

Anyone with information concerning vehicles being broken into are asked to contact Sgt. Wayne Trapp at 310-600-1258

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