Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Multiple Hit and Run Accidents/ DUI

On today’s date, 03-03-09, at approximately 0750 hours, OFC Hanner with the Frederick Police Department’s Patrol Division responded to a personal injury motor vehicle accident in the 400 block of Carrollton Dr. Upon arrival, OFC Hanner found Ms. Candy Sue Mercer behind the wheel of an Oldsmobile mini-van, dazed as she had just struck a parked vehicle in the area. As OFC Hanner was investigating this accident, calls began to come into Frederick Police Communications regarding other Hit and Run accidents involving an Oldsmobile mini-van like the one Ms. Mercer was operating. After investigating the various Hit and Run accidents reported and found in and about the Carrollton Drive area, it was determined that Ms. Mercer was responsible for four other Hit and Run accidents in addition to the accident OFC Hanner was initially investigating. Ms. Mercer was taken to Washington County General Hospital due to her diminished mental capacity and it was determined that she was under the influence of alcohol in combination with prescription drugs, which she did not have a prescription. It was determined that Ms. Mercer only struck parked vehicles, sign poles, and light poles about the area. No other persons were involved nor injured. Ms. Mercer was served with numerous citations and she remained at Washington County General Hospital for observation.

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