Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On today’s date, 03-10-09, OFC Carr and Sgt. Trapp of the Frederick Police Department responded to the area of the first block of Norva Ave. for a suspicious person call. A resident reported a male had knocked on their door and solicited money for magazines. The resident advised after giving the male a check for $10, they checked out the business on the internet and found countless Fraud alerts for the business. At this time they called police. As OFC Carr was speaking to the victim, Sgt. Trapp located a subject meeting the males description in the 100 block of Fairview Ave. He was identified as Brandon Lamar Taylor. After several inconsistent statements and denial of obtaining a check, the male finally produced a check made out to a company that could not be validated. It was also found that Taylor changed the amount on the check to $100.00. He was arrested at this point. It was also discovered that Taylor did not have a license/permit to solicit/peddle door to door.

The Frederick Police Department cautions its’ residents to be mindful of persons soliciting for money for any goods or the promise of goods or services. Residents can request to see a license to solicit door to door and are encouraged to contact the police should they have suspicions that the business is not real or valid. The Frederick Police Department also requests any citizens of the City of Frederick who have donated money to or are contacted by representatives of “DedicatedToo” for magazines should contact OFC Sean Carr of the Frederick Police Department at 301-600-1237.

Mr. Taylor was taken to FCSO’s Central Booking where he is being processes to see a Commissioner at the time of this release.

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