Monday, March 2, 2009

Frederick News Post in Trouble

Friday, the Frederick News Post announced that due to financial problems they will stop publishing a Monday print edition of their daily paper.

From their Friday paper:

[March 30 will be the last Monday edition for the foreseeable future, said Editor and Publisher Myron Randall. The decision was driven by the effect of a dire economy on the 126-year-old newspaper and will cushion the organization financially over the coming months.

"We have made a broad range of cuts across the company that has affected every facet of our operations," Randall said. "Although we are suspending the Monday edition, we're committed to improving our Sunday and Tuesday papers and the quality of our product across the board."]

To me this comes as no surprise. Their announcement also comes on the heels of the postal service saying they are considering suspending Saturday mail delivery.

The bottom line is printing time sensitive information and then having to deliver said information will not work in the age of the Internet. People want their information NOW in REAL TIME and they want many photos and video clips and not just the summary a printed newspaper can provide. They also want to interact with the news and contribute. They want to be involved! So where will news junkies go when the Frederick News Post finally goes away for good? Maybe a community website like

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