Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meth360 Program

The Frederick Police Department is pleased to announce a presentation of its Meth360 Program is now available on the City of Frederick website, On the web page, click on “Meth360 Program.” There is a short program evaluation that viewers are requested to complete after viewing the presentation.

Meth360 is presented in cooperation with the Partnership for a Drug Free America. The program serves to educate and equip the community to take action against the dangers posed by methamphetamine. Meth360 is a multi-disciplinary approach that is being distributed nationwide to alert citizens to the dangers of methamphetamine- what it is, how it is manufactured, the warning signs of Meth manufacture and use, and steps to be taken to combat its debilitating effects.

Meth360 pairs teams of law enforcement officers with substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals to co-deliver Meth awareness presentations at local business and civic organizations, schools and parent groups. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Meth360 presenters delivering critical information to audiences around the country.

To arrange a live, interactive presentation of the Meth360 Program to your community organization, please call Lt. Steve Tuel of the Community Services Division at 301-600-2715.

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