Friday, April 3, 2009

Credit Card Scam

The Frederick Police Department is investigating a credit card scam targeting local businesses. Contact is being initiated by phone over a TTY type call. The caller, through an operator, requests to make a larger than normal purchase from the business. The caller will indicate they are not in the area and request the business place the cost of the order on a credit card. The caller will then request the business place additional money on a second credit card and wire that money Western Union to cover shipping costs for the products.

This is a scam conducted from an unknown area and businesses are being advised to cut off any contact they may have with anyone making such a request. Businesses are also encouraged to contact police immediately if they believe they have been targeted by this scam.

Anyone with information regarding this scam is asked to call Detective William Forder of the Criminal Investigation Division at 301-600-1220.

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