Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DUI/Assault on Officer

On 04-14-09, at approximately 0156 hours, Sgt. W. Trapp observed a red Jeep Cherokee commit a traffic violation in the area of S. Market St. and W. Patrick St. Sgt. Trapp was able to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle in the area of the 1st block of S. Court St. Sgt. Trapp believed the driver, Key, was intoxicated and had Key submit to Standardized Field Sobriety tests. Mr. Key failed all of the tests and was placed under arrest. During the entire Field Sobriety tests and during the arresting of Mr. Key, he was extremely belligerent and threatening. As Sgt. Trapp was handcuffing Mr. Key, Mr. Key managed to pinch one of Sgt. Trapp’s wrist between the handcuff links at which time Mr. Key twisted the cuffs intentionally cutting Sgt. Trapp’s wrist and causing him a great deal of pain. Mr. Key was subdued by assisting officers and was eventually taken to central booking, where he was awaiting a bond hearing at the time of this release.

Key Jr., Thomas Frank

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