Thursday, April 16, 2009

Residential Burglary

On Thursday, 4/16/09, at approximately 0150 hours, officers from the Frederick Police Department responded to a residential burglary in progress call at 700 Motter Ave. Upon arrival OFC Stephenson, the investigating officer, contacted several witnesses who advised the suspect left prior to police arrival. OFC Stephenson found that the arrestee, later identified as Daniel Schricker, broke into the victim’s apartment by damaging an exterior window and door. Through the course of the investigation, OFC Stephenson found that Schricker had broken into the apartment with the intent of assaulting the male resident; however, the resident was not at home. Witnesses told OFC Stephenson that Schricker destroyed the resident/victim’s refrigerator, stove and kitchen sink since the resident was not home.

The witnesses and the victim knew Schricker personally and provided OFC Stephenson with Schricker’s personal and vehicle description. At approximately 0411 hours, OFC Carrado noticed Schricker driving in the area of 9th St. OFC Carrado apprehended Schricker without incident. Schricker was taken to FCADC for processing.

Arrested: Schricker, Daniel (photo right)

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