Wednesday, April 8, 2009


On 4/8/09, at approximately 0427 hours, officers from the Frederick Police Department were working in the area of Willowdale Dr. when a robbery was reported nearby at the Giant Eagle on Rt. 40. The staff reported that a male, later identified as Luke Dawson, had attempted to purchase merchandise that he did not have money to pay for. When the cashier voided out the purchase, the register drawer came open. Dawson reached across the register and attempted to steal the money out of the register. The cashier immediately attempted to close the drawer, but Dawson forcibly pulled some of the money out. Dawson had pulled so hard that he tore one of the bills in half. Dawson left the store with half of a $20 and the merchandise he had brought to the register.

OFC D. Scott put out the suspect description on the radio, and A/Sgt. Hayer noticed the suspect running through Willowdale Park. A/Sgt. Hayer initiated a foot chase with the subject and OFC Carrado and A/Sgt. Hayer apprehended the suspect in the woods nearby. Giant Eagle employees confirmed Dawson was the one who had committed the robbery.

During a search incident to arrest of Dawson, OFC Carrado found the other portion of the $20 bill that was stolen in Dawson’s pocket and Giant Eagle’s merchandise that was stolen in Dawson’s coat. Dawson was taken to FCADC for processing.

Arrested: Dawson, Luke

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