Friday, May 1, 2009

Assault upon Police Officer / Destruction of property

On 05/01/2009 at approximately 0053 hours, OFC D. E. Stephenson of the Frederick Police Department was monitoring bar crowds in the area of S. Market St. and Citizens Way. OFC Stephenson observed a subject later identified as the below listed arrestee, exit a bar and approach a parked motor scooter. The arrestee proceeded to kick the scooter several times eventually knocking it over and causing significant damage to it. OFC Stephenson approached the arrestee to place him under arrest and the arrestee proceeded to struggle with and strike OFC Stephenson several times in the face. With the help of a bystander, OFC Stephenson was able to control the arrestee and place him in custody. Due to an extreme level of intoxication, the arrestee was transported to the FMH ER for evaluation prior to being taken to Frederick County Central Booking (FCCB). OFC W. H. Milyard assisted OFC Stephenson at FMH. Once the arrestee was medically cleared and released, the officers were taking him to a car for transport when the arrestee again began to struggle. He attempted to bite OFC Milyard several times and then spit on him as he was being seatbelted in the police cruiser. The arrestee was ultimately transported to FCCB where he was awaiting an appearance before a District Court Commissioner.

Arrested: Jerome Clarke Wheeler, Jr. (photo right)

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