Thursday, May 21, 2009

WTHU Can Make a Star of You

Thurmont, May 21, 2009 – The ability to produce a cut of your original material on a cd and get it listened to worldwide is not a dream but a tangible opportunity in your backyard – WTHU can make a star of YOU!

Already music groups from as far away as Salisbury, Maryland are taking the opportunity to become more than just a band. It doesn’t cost thousands, just a $100 donation to the little non-profit WTHU. It can change the world for you! Obviously there is limited capacity in the studio, are you ready to sign up? Have you been listening to WTHU via the web at It is time you did, today!

With continually improved digital recording, the sound is bigger than ever. This little station is proving that “it can do it” over and over; this recording studio will be glad to help you on your way to get your original song/musical interlude/comedy routin recorded and on WTHU (and across the internet). For an entire week your original work will be featured with you as artist of the week.

What a gift to give a new graduate, aspiring singer/songwriter/comedian, teen rock group, church choir, or family of musicians! Is there something special you’ve been meaning to record? This is your chance – original comedy, melody, song they all fall into the same category…

Here is that break you’ve been waiting for! With a donation of $100 to the non-profit, WTHU’s professional studio staff will help you produce one, single original selection in our state-of-the-art recording studio.

You will receive:

· 10 copies of your original, single recorded song/comedy/poetry/voice/melody on cd;

· WTHU will feature you as the “artist of the week;”

· You will receive airplay every morning and afternoon for the entire week; and

· Your recording will be featured on WTHU’s website for Internet online listening.

This could be the boost that gets you noticed; did you need an audition cd for those upcoming events, a special present for a sweetheart, how about something for your grandparents or parents? This could make you a star!

The variety of talent and unique recordings of more than 11 different groups is mounting up to an incredible bastion of talent, from far and near. Please call to reserve your studio recording session (301) 271-2188 or email WTHU at:

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