Friday, May 22, 2009

ATM Tampering Investigation - Update

The Frederick Police Department has released the name of the bank and location of the compromised ATM from the previously reported tampering investigation. The compromised machine is a PNC Bank ATM located at 191 Thomas Johnson Dr.

At this time, no suspects have been identified and the investigation is continuing.

The Frederick Police Department and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office are conducting an investigation into the tampering of an Automated Teller Machine. In April an ATM in the City of Frederick was rigged with a device used to read the magnetic strips of credit/debit cards. The device recorded the credit card numbers of customers using the ATM. It is also believed a video recording device was placed near the ATM to capture customer PIN numbers being entered into the machine. The information was then used to make fraudulent credit cards that were used to withdrawal money from various locations in Maryland and surrounding states. This type of fraud has been identified nationwide and is not unique to this area.

Several victims have been identified in the City of Frederick and Frederick County. It is believed additional cards may have been compromised. If an individual suspects their card may have been compromised, they are encouraged to first contact their local bank branch. If it is then determined that a credit/debit card has been compromised, residents of the City of Frederick are being directed to contact Detective William Forder of the Frederick Police Department at 301-600-1220. Victims of this fraud residing in Frederick County are asked to contact Detective Willie Ollie of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office at 301-600-3605.

Police are advising residents who use ATM devices to be alert to anything suspicious, such as items attached to the ATM, brochure containers with holes directed toward the keypad, or anything that appears to be out of place or unusual. Report suspicious activity to your local police agency.

This is an ongoing investigation. As such, the bank name and location of the compromised ATM is not being released at this time.

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